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Ar unwaith - at once
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Worry Warriors

Worry Warriors


The purpose of the Worry Warriors responsibility club is to provide a listening ear to pupils of Ynysowen Community Primary School who may be feeling worried or anxious in school. Worry Warriors are also available to offer some help and advice to pupils about any concerns they may have.


Worry Warriors make themselves available during play times and lunch times should anyone need to speak with them. 

Here are some members of the Worry Warriors. Keep your eyes peeled for these on the yard during play times. 

Some of our Worry Warriors worked together to write the following poem, we hope you enjoy reading it!


If you're feeling sad, if you're feeling down,

Don’t keep it to yourself, don’t suffer with a frown,

Pick yourself up and dust yourself down.


If you're feeling sad come to us,

Don’t hesitate don’t make a fuss.


If you come to us loud and clear, don’t make a hum,

We’ll tell someone.


If you come to us without stopping,

Get rid of your worries then you’ll start hopping.


If you’re worried and sad come and to us,

We’ll get rid of those worries that are so tough.


When your out on the yard,

We will be your worry guard,

We’ll get rid of the worries that make you bard.


By Evie-Mae, Alfie and Riley