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Happy Half Term!!! Thank you everyone for your ongoing support and understanding. See you on Monday 2nd November!
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Attendance Advocates

            Attendance Advocates                          



 Our 'Attendance Advocates' responsibility club meets every two weeks.

Our role is to:

  • Help Mrs Hook share the message of the importance of high attendance through assemblies, newsletters, school website etc.
  • Support Mrs Hook in identifying pupils with excellent and improved attendance every term.
  • Decide on suitable rewards for pupils with excellent and improved attendance. 


In addition. the Chairperson and Secretary work weekly to:

  • Collect weekly attendance reports from Mrs Curnow (School Secretary) and review them to identify the classes from both Foundation Phase and Key Stage 2 with highest attendance.
  • Share weekly attendance figures with the whole school during a Monday assembly and present weekly attendance certificates and awards to classes in both the Foundation Phase and Key Stage 2 with the highest weekly attendance (from previous week). 

Certificates are awarded by Attendance Advocates for the following:

Attendance Advocates undertook a survey to find out what pupils would like as a reward if their class won the best attendance award. 

Visiting a softplay centre came out on top!!


Year 2 enjoyed a morning at 'Play' softplay centre as a reward for winning best class attendance for the autumn term.