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At Ynysowen, our educational vision is clear and we are passionate about both sharing it and realising it.


We aim to create a school learning environment where children come in happy in the morning and go home bursting with excitement about the learning experiences they have had that day.  We aim to develop Key Skills not only in subject areas but also those essential for happy, successful,  fulfilling daily lives.  


We believe in giving children opportunities to take responsibility, to make decisions that will affect themselves and their peers and to learn key values that will guide them in the way they lead their lives.  We believe education is about engendering respect for others and confidence in ones self.  In this way children can grow in self-belief and see more clearly what they are capable of.  


We believe passionately that educational opportunities should be open to all, regardless of ability, gender or race.  Whilst achievements may vary opportunities to access must not.  


The right of every child is to be helped and to see and achieve their full potential.  

Children need appropriate challenges. They need their talents to be recognised

and developed, whatever they are and however good they are.

Head Teacher: Mrs. S. Roden

Headteacher: Mrs.S.Roden MBE