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General Class Information


Teacher/Athrawes - Miss J Watkins

Teaching Assistant/Cynorthwywyr Addysgu - Mrs D Probert




Please ensure your child has the appropriate kit with them. Pupils need plain black/navy shorts and a plain white t-shirt. Please note that pupils need a change of t-shirt and not are not permitted to wear their school polo shirt.

You are more than welcome to keep the kits in school for the whole term, if you wish.

Please ensure your child's name is clearly labelled on ALL individual pieces of clothing and not simply on their P.E. bags. 

At this point, children will be asked to wear their PE kits to school instead of changing whilst in school.


Reading - Reading books need to be brought into school daily

Please try to listen to your child read as often as possible.

Remember, 5 minutes each evening is better than 15 minutes once a week! 

When you listen to your child read, please write in the yellow reading record book.

Try to talk to your child about the book they are reading, and ask questions about the characters, the setting (where the story takes place) and the plot (what happens in the story), as well as asking them to make predictions about what they think might happen. Pupils' understanding of the text is as important as their ability to read it and we will focus on these skills a lot throughout Year 1. 


Homework - Homework is given out every Friday and we ask where possible, that it is returned on a Monday

Please work with your child for them to complete their homework, but we kindly ask that pupils write their answers/responses themselves.

It is also important that pupils understand what they have written in their homework, so if for example, they are asked to find information about something, they shouldn't simply copy information from the internet, but instead try to put it into their own words. 


Clothing & Personal Belongings

Pupils are not permitted to bring in any items from home (at this point)


Packed Lunches

Please make sure your child's name is on their packed lunch box/bag.

As a school, we try to promote healthy packed lunches.