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Ar unwaith - at once
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We will rock you

During this topic - ‘We Will Rock You’, the children will be learning about different artistic genres and influences and will be encouraged to express themselves through a variety of media including dance and music.




In this Expressive Arts based topic, learners will become ethical, informed citizens of Wales and the world by evaluating their own experiences of the creative process. This will allow them to address various issues through song, dance and art, giving them a better understanding of their own identity, their likes and dislikes, as well as comparing their views with those of others. As a result they will learn to appreciate and accept the viewpoint of others, understanding that people express themselves in different ways through a range of media, linked to their own culture and heritage. 




This will also allow pupils to become healthy and confident individuals as they begin to realise how Expressive Arts has an important impact on the way people express their feelings and emotions. This can help to nurture well-being, self esteem and resilience within learners, allowing everyone to take part at their own level.


Through these experiences and engagement within this area  pupils will become ambitious, capable learners by demonstrating independence, perseverance and the ability to reflect on their and others' experiences. They will be given opportunities to ask questions and solve problems related to the topic, formulating their own views and opinions on what they see, hear and create. They will be encouraged to manage their time and resources effectively in order to achieve the end product. The end product will be the setting up of a business linked to the topic working closely with CWRE. Thus becoming enterprising and creative contributors who are ready to play a full part in life and work.