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We've enjoyed a wonderful first few days back with our pupils. Even though it's been the strangest return to school ever, it's been great to finally have all pupils back!
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Who's Who?

Ynysowen caters for pupils aged 3 - 11.

It has ten mainstream classes and a learning resource base for pupils with complex learning needs (CN LRB).

Mrs S. Roden - Headteacher
Mrs E. Hook - Deputy Headteacher & Year 2 Teacher
Mrs N. Curnow - School Secretary
Mrs S. Williams - Nursery Teacher
Mrs J. Evans - Reception Teacher
Miss S. Walters - Year 1 Teacher
Miss A. Evans - Year 1/2 Teacher
Mr I. Thomas - Year 3 Teacher
Mrs T. Nicholls - Year 6 Teacher
Mrs S. Davies - Complex Learning Needs LRB Teacher
Mrs J. Miles - Language Support Teacher
Mrs S. Dunn - PPA
Mrs K. Spragg - LSA & Literacy Intervention
Miss C-A. Davies - LSA
Mrs S. Soukias -  LSA
Mrs M. Evans - LSA
Miss E. Thomas - LSA
Mrs D. Probert - LSA
Mrs S. Jones - LSA
Mrs M. Hardy - LSA
Miss B. Evans - Complex Learning Needs LRB LSA
Mrs C. Griffiths - LSA & Maths Intervention