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Scream Machine


Our Topic this term is Scream Machine


The Big Picture

The activities and learning experiences of the topic will allow pupils to make a close study of how things work and move in order to understand how various moving fairground rides work., using their knowledge and understanding of theme parks around the world.

The project will culminate with the pupils creating a moving fairground ride that lights up and makes a sound in order to replicate the Fairground from the film `Wonder Park`

Ambitious, capable learners - Through the planned rich tasks and experiential learning pupils will be encouraged to ask questions about the topic and they will have an input into the planning in order to promote critical thinking skills., independence, and opportunities to develop various strategies for tackling new challenges and overcoming personal barriers will be given. This will help to develop confidence and resilience


Healthy, confident individuals -Pupils will demonstrate their understanding of healthy eating and the impact of junk foods on the body. They will also explore ways in which leisure time can impact mental health. Identifying activities that improve mood and well-being, building confidence and self-esteem.


Ethical, informed citizens - Through research and exploration of fairgrounds in Wales pupils will discover more about tourism and the importance of tourist attractions in Wales. They will use evidence from their learning to form views and opinions about different aspects of life in a traveling funfair. Pupils will also explore the use of `Green Power` and how this will have a positive impact on the environment.

Enterprising, creative contributors - Pupils will connect and apply their knowledge and skills to plan, create and evaluate their own funfair-creating websites to encourage visitors to their funfair along with other persuasive devices such as posters, information leaflets, etc. Pupils will also apply their knowledge of budgeting in order to identify profit and loss.