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Ar unwaith - at once
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During the Spring Term, the children will have the opportunity to study "The Romans".  We will meet a "real" Roman soldier and civilian.  The children will research how and why the Romans invaded Britain.  We will design and make our own Roman Mosaic tiles and also have the opportunity to research the Roman way of life.  We will compare the Celtic lifestyle to the Roman lifestyle.  

Year 3 and 4 are following the same topics of Harry Potter and Moving Monsters !

During the first half of the term, pupils will complete lots of work related to a Harry Potter themed tea-party.

They will have the opportunity to visit a restaurant and taste and experience a traditional afternoon tea.  The children will then research how to create and make a Harry Potter afternoon tea.


During the second half of the term, we will be using our Design and Technology skills to design and make a Moving Monster using a pneumatic system.  The children will create a new mythical creature that could be used in the Harry Potter movies !