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Welsh language pattern of the week: Amser tacluso - Tidy up time
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Wednesday May 15th 2019


We made the most of the sunshine today and went outside to draw pirate pictures using chalk. We drew treasure chests, pirate ships, flags, maps, sea creatures and lots more! 

Congratulations to the boys for their achievements outside of school, playing rugby for Ynysowen RFC. 


Tuesday 2nd April


In literacy this week we have been learning the skill of writing our own set of instructions. In order to be successful, we carefully listened to and followed an Easter biscuit recipe. We had lots of fun mixing, rolling and cutting the dough! These are our Easter biscuits!


Monday 11th March 2019


This week we have been learnig all about Fairtrade and what the benefits are of supporting the Fairtrade farmers.

As well as creating Fairtrade posters on PurpleMash, we used Fairtrade sugar to create lemonade in class. We loved doing this! 


Monday 21st Janruary 2019


We had the challenge of using bluebots in our superhero village. To be successful in this challenge, we had to work together to plan and discuss the route needed to get from one place to another. 

Partner 1 had the task of programming the bluebot, inputting the directions read clearly by partner 2.

We really enjoyed ourselves and hope to use this again during cool time next week.


Tuesday 8th January 2019


To kick start our topic for our spring term, we had a Superhero day.

We had lots of fun dressing up as our favourite superheroes and taking part in super activities such as creating superhero profiles and superhero handprints.

We are so excited to do so much more on this topic! 


from all of us in Year 1 and 2!


Thursday 13th and Friday 14th November


We practised our Christmas concert, The Gigantic Star, for weeks and weeks! We showed off lots of our talents, such as singing in English and Welsh, dancing and sign language. We had lots of fun!

Thank you to mams, dads, nans, grandads, aunts, uncles etc that came along to watch. 

We hope you enjoyed.

No Pens Day

Friday 30th November


After visiting Cardiff for our school trip on Tuesday 27th November, we decided to have a go at building Cardiff landmarks using recyclable materials. 


The children had to decide between themselves what landmark they wanted to create, and then work together to choose suitable materials. All 3 teams did a fantastic job and at the end of the morning we had the Principality Stadium, Cardiff Castle and the Millennium Centre. Da iawn boys and girls!