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Our topic for the Autumn Term 2019 is:

To Infinity and Beyond: Outer Space Seminar Series


This term we will be learning all about Space and finding out about the moon landing and the international space station.


In addition, we shall be making our own rockets, designing our very own aliens and even using our Virtual Reality headsets to take a trip to the moon ourselves.


We will be finding out about other planets, and looking at the night sky to notice the different phases of the moon.


Furthermore, we will be learning about the Apollo 11 mission that landed the first Man to walk on the Moon and we will be finding out many interesting facts about the Universe.


In Language, we will be reading the story 'Man on the Moon' and will write questions to ask the main character; 'Bob'.

Bob cleans the Moon and even has a party with the aliens. Can you believe it? 


As part of our topic, we shall be visiting Techniquest on 16th October, where the pupils will have the opportunity to take part in a number of exciting activities, such as watching a planetarium show and looking at the constellations in the night sky.