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Our Superhero Day

To start our topic off we held a Superhero Day on January 8th. 

We all dressed up as our favourite suerheroes and talked about their special powers. 

We all enjoyed making superhero handprints. 

Handprint Superhero Figures.

Remembrance Day 
We went to the cenotaph in Aberfan to remember the brave soldiers who fought in the wars. We saw lots of poppy wreaths and we looked at all the names of the brave men who lost thier lives for us. We will always remember them. 

Year 1 & 2 Forest Schools day linked to Bonfire Night.

Pupils enjoyed using mud and other natural resources to create firework pictures, they made their own guys and whittled sticks to make sparklers. After all that hard work, they enjoyed eating marmalade (just like Paddington) on pieces of toast cooked on the fire and drinking hot chocolate!

Our teddy tea-party. 
Year 1 and 2 had a marvelous time at out Teddy Tea party. They wrote letters to invite their teddies to come, we wrote rules for being at the party and we also wrote instructions for how to play party games. We enjoyed making Paddington napkin holders and playing party games.