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Mathematics Activities


Big Maths is a teaching programme we use at Ynysowen to help pupils to become numerate.


Problem solving and word problems cannot be confidently attempted until children can manipulate and understand how numbers work.


Big Maths lessons are fast, fun and furious. Children work on whiteboards and ‘flash’ answers to their teachers - the pace of the lesson is fast. We need to pass on the expectation to work at a quick pace and have maths facts instantly available, rather than slower methods, such as counting on fingers.


In Big Maths, we call a number-fact that we want children to learn with instant recall (with no thinking time), a

‘Learn It’.

There are 72 'Learn Its' in total that pupils need to know; 36 addition 'Learn Its' (see the table below) and 36 multiplication 'Learn Its'


Details re: what 'Learn It's' pupils need to in different year groups can be found at the bottom of this page. Class teachers will also inform you of the relevant steps your child needs to learn.


You can practise the 'Learn Its' using flashcards (which you can make at home).

Show your child one side of the flashcard that details the ' Learn It' and ask them to shout out the answer (written on the back).

Place the facts your child gets right each time in a pile and make a separate pile of those they still need practise with.


In addition, to help your child have fun as they practise recalling the facts, there is a musical jingle for each 'Learn It',  

(follow the link below to find the jingles. Once on the page, you will need to scroll down to the bottom to locate the jingles)


The 36 Addition Learn Its:



What Addition and Multiplication 'Learn Its' should my child know?