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Welsh language pattern of the week: Amser tacluso - Tidy up time
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Read Write Inc - Reception (& up)


At Ynysowen, pupils from Reception - Year 6 (where appropriate) are taught how to read using the Read Write Inc programme. 


The programme consolidates pupils' phonic awareness and understanding of the Jolly Phonics scheme introduced to them in Nursery. 


Read Write Inc (RWI) is a phonics complete literacy programme which helps all pupils learn to read fluently, and at speed, so they can focus on developing their skills in comprehension, vocabulary and spelling.


The teaching of sounds is divided into 3 sets (see below).


Pupils need to practise these sounds daily

(class teachers will inform you with regard to the relevant sounds your child is currently working on).


                                                                                    Set 1 Sounds                                                                                      


Set 2 Sounds


Set 3 Sounds


Fred Talk

Fred is a little frog that can only speak in sounds, not whole words.

He helps us learn to blend sounds together to form words. He says ‘m-a-t’ and we say ‘mat’.


When we teach a sound with Read Write Inc. Phonics, we either ‘bounce’ (e.g. c-c-c, b-b-b, p-p-p) or ‘stretch’ them (e.g. lll, mmm, nnn, fff) when we say them out loud.



Fred Fingers

We use ‘Fred Fingers’ to recognise how many sounds are in a word. 

This helps us to break down the word into the sounds, so that we can spell it accurately

We pinch the sounds on our ‘Fred Fingers’ by touching each finger on one hand as we say each sound in a word.


Follow the steps below to practice spelling words using Fred Fingers

Say the word and ask your child to repeat the word- e.g. mat.

Ask your child to show you how many sounds are in the word ____ using their Fred Fingers (you can tell them this if they are unsure).

Say the word again and pinch the sounds with your child e.g. mat, m-a-t.

Now ask your child to write the word as they say the sounds. Ask them to underline any diagraphs in the word (2 letters which make one sound such as oa). Write the word yourself and ask your child to check their spelling of each sound by ticking them


Parent video: How to say the sounds