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Here you will find lots of ways you can help your child and give them a great head start in Maths. 

You can create opportunities for number in so many fun and interesting ways during play and everyday life that your child will be learning without realising. 


Counting is really important for children to begin to understand number names and the order of numbers. When counting with your child begin by counting from 1 to 5, and when they become confident with that, then move on to 1-10 and then 20 etc.


Number recognition

One of the most important things for children to learn after counting is recognising numbers. 

You can help your child from an early age by pointing out numbers in the environment to your child e.g.numbers on front doors, road signs, on the front of buses, on T-shirts, on television. If you do this from an early age your child will begin to recognise that the word 'three' can also be written as 3.


Numbers Numbers Everywhere