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O Dan y Ddaear

During our topic - ‘O Dan y Ddaear’, the children will be finding out about coal mining and how it has changed over the years. They will be comparing their lives to children who worked down the mine, as well as researching about mining disasters and the effect they had on the miners, families and the community.

In Literacy we will be reading books such as ‘Out of the Deeps’ and ‘The pit girl’. They will be writing diary entries as a child working down the mine, as well as newspapers on the mining disasters. Children will be discussing the treatment of children and pit ponies, and whether or not coal has a future in todays world of climate change.

We are hoping to visit the Big Pit or the Rhondda Heritage Park for our school trip.

At the end of the topic, children will be filming their own documentary on ‘A day in the life of a child down the mine’.