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Welsh language pattern of the week: Amser tacluso - Tidy up time
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Topic Information

Year 1 and 2 follow the same topic and teachers staff collaborate to plan learning experiences and activities.

 Our topic for the Summer Term 2019 is:





Our topic for the Spring Term 2019 is: 


This term, pupils will design their own superheroes using ICT and use an IPad app to write their own comic strips using speech bubbles. 

Pupils will write about how the different emergency services help us and share who their real -life superheroes are.

In writing, pupils will write a superhero story all about their designed superhero who tries to defeat Dr Evilblood who wants to cause chaos by spreading bad behaviour throughout the world.

Pupils will create pictures of different superheroes using a variety of materials and media.

They will test different materials to find the best one to make a cape for different superheroes and think of ways in which they can free superheroes from their 'ice prison'.

In class we will design and create their own superhero vehicles, exploring how wheels work. They will evaluate their designs and use their ICT skills to create a powerpoint or Google slides presentation explaining how they made their final vehicle.



Our topic for the Autumn Term 2018 is:



We will be using map skills to find darkest Peru and London, and will research information about both places in order to compare them. 


We will be looking at famous London landmarks and writing interesting facts about them, but will also be looking at famous Welsh landmarks as part of our Cwricwlwm Cymreig work. We are hoping to organise a trip to Cardiff so that pupils can see some of the Welsh landmarks they have found out about. 


During the first half of the term, pupils will complete lots of work related to a Paddington themed tea-party.

They will write invitations to their favourite teddy bears, learn their home address so that they can write an envelope, and visit the post office to buy stamps and post their invites.

They will design and decorate their own cups for the party and make napkin holders for the tables.

Paddington is a stickler for good manners, so pupils will write their own party rules and write instructions for different party games too.


So that we can help others throughout our topic, we have chosen to support the charity; 

'Action Medical Research for Children'

who have Paddington Bear as their official mascot.

For their tea-party, pupils will be asked to #bringabeartoshowyoucare and give a donation of £1.